We understand that sometimes it is difficult  accessing  suitable healthcare services. When you’re anxious about a health problem, and don’t have time to walk to the nearest medical centre, the situation can sometimes get worse which may lead to you not being able to function as well as you want. What ever your issue or question, we want to help you solve it efficiently and effectively so that you can continue with your daily activities with the strength you need. Through our range of services, we want you to feel supported by both ourselves and other women.


We believe that empowered woman are the key to transforming communities; Girls enterprise’ mission is to ensure that they have the strength and support to drive this development. We offer a range of resources for women and girls living rural communities to live healthier lives. This includes:

  • Our secure discussion forum where women and girls can share advice and information on health related matters
  • ‘Live Chat,’ which allows you to chat privately with someone or with one of operators
  • Our Health Guide, which offers a wide range of information and advice on pregnancy, newborn care, menstrual health,  mental health, nutrition, sexual health and sanitation
  • Information on other ways you can access the care you need; apps, nearby clinics, transport timetable (in progress)

By clicking on the ‘Talk’ tab, you can ask a question about health or start a discussion by creating a ‘Topic’. This will enable other women who have also been through an authentication process to respond. The response may be a solution to your problem, or someone sharing a similar issue so you don’t feel alone. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your issue privately, you can start a Live Chat with us – one of our operators will be on the other end and able to offer you advice or will redirect you to a doctor.