Healthy Eating

A good diet is important for our health and can help us feel our best – but what is a good diet? Apart from breastmilk as a food for babies, no single food contains all the essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and work properly. For this reason, our diets should contain a variety of different foods, to help us get the wide range of nutrients that our bodies need.

A healthy diet should provide us with the right amount of energy (calories or kilojoules), from foods and drinks to maintain energy balance. Energy balance is where the calories taken in from the diet are equal to the calories used by the body. We need these calories to carry out everyday tasks such as walking and moving about, but also for all the functions of the body we may not even think about. Processes like breathing, pumping blood around the body and thinking also require calories.

How much energy you need from foods and drinks depends on many different things, such as how active you are. But, on average, as a women you should consume 2000 calories per day.

Drinking Water

Water is essential to stay healthy and hydrated. Every part of your body needs water. In fact, water makes up 60% of your body weight.  So when you don’t drink enough,  it can cause headaches, nausea and fatigue (tiredness) as your muscles and organs won’t be able to function properly.

If you’re getting enough water you’ll rarely feel thirsty. Your urine will also be clear or slightly yellow.

Dark yellow urine is a sign of dehydration – here are some home remedies if you don’t have access to running water

If your urine continues to be dark yellow and has a strong smell despite drinking lots of water, you may need to visit healthcare professional, or you can use our Live chat system to ask someone for help.


Exercise and being active is an essential part of life; it is fundemental to being healthy! Here are some important reasons to exercise:

  • Exercise increases your energy level. Exercising delivers oxygen and nutrients to your whole body helping it to work more efficiently and boost your endurance.
  • Being physically active will keep you healthy. Research says that engaging in 30 minutes of exercise a day is all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Exercise makes you happier! Physical activity releases chemicals in your brain called endorphins that are known to make you feel happier and more relaxed.
  • Regular physical activity has been proven to help prevent a wide variety of health problems
  • Exercise is good for your heart! It helps maintain a healthy blood pressure and improves circulation.
  • Regular physical activity helps you sleep better. When you are active during the day, you typically fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer
  • Exercise is good for your mind, body, and soul

Below are some exercises you can do at home, these include yoga, pilates, crossfit/hit workouts and stretches: